Xxn Abbreviation List 2017 Pdf Download (2024)

An acronym is a term formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the major parts of a compound term. This list explains acronyms found on the cms.hhs.gov web site and other acronyms that are commonly used. This list is not a legal document. Select one of the following letters to view the list of acronyms that begins with that letter.

The DHS Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms (DAAT) list contains homeland security related acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that can be found in DHS documents, reports, and the FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms (FAAT) list.

Xxn Abbreviation List 2017 Pdf Download


A&EArchitecture and EngineeringA/CAircraftA/GAir to GroundA/HAltitude/HeightAAAAirport Airspace AnalysisAACMike Monroney Aeronautical CenterAACApproval, acceptance, concurrenceAADCAirport Average Daily CapacityAAFAirway Facilities ServiceAAFArmy Air FieldAAF-1Director of Airway FacilitiesAAIArrival Aircraft IntervalAAIFAA Office of Accident InvestigationAALAlaska RegionAAMOffice of Aerospace MedicineAAMSAircraft Arrival Management SystemAAPAdvanced Automation ProgramAARAfter Action ReviewAARAirport Acceptance RateAARAirport and Aircraft Safety Research and DevelopmentAASAdvanced Automation SystemAASRAging Aircraft Safety RuleAATAssociate Administrator for Air TrafficABAFAA Office of Financial ServicesABAOffice of BudgetABDISAutomated Data Interchange System ServiceACAdvisory CircularACAAAir Carrier Association of AmericaACAISAir Carrier Activity Information SystemACASAircraft Collision Avoidance SystemACCAirports Consultants CouncilACCArea Control CenterACCTAccounting RecordsACDAutomatic Call DistributorACDOAir Carrier District OfficeACECentral RegionACEPAirport Capacity Enhancement PlanACFArea Control FacilityACFOAircraft Certification Field OfficeACFTAircraftACI-NAAirports Council International-North AmericaACIDAircraft IdentificationACIPAirport Capital Improvement PlanACIPAutomated Conformity Inspection ProcessACLSAutomatic Carrier Landing SystemACLTActual Landing Time CalculatedACOAircraft Certification OfficeACOAssociate Contracting OfficerACOOffice of Airports Compliance and Field OperationsACRFAA Office of Civil RightsACRPAirport Cooperative Research ProgramACSEPAircraft Certification Systems Evaluation ProgramACTWilliam J. Hughes Technical CenterADAirworthiness DirectiveADAAir Defense AreaADAPAirport Development Aid ProgramADASAutomated Weather Observing System Data Acquisition SystemADASAWOS Data Acquisition SystemADCAir Defense CommandADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control ProcedureADDAAdministrative DataADDSAviation Digital Data ServiceADFAutomatic Direction FindingADIAutomatic De-Ice and InhibitorADICATS Interfacility Data CommunicationsADINAUTODIN ServiceADIZAir Defense Identification ZoneADLAeronautical Data LinkADLOAir Defense Liaison OfficeADLYArrival DelayADMAeronautical Decision MakingADOAirline Dispatch OfficeADOAirport District OfficeADPAutomated Data ProcessingADSAutomated Distribution SystemADSAutomatic Dependent SurveillanceADS-BAutomatic Dependent Surveillance-BroadcastADSIMAirfield Delay Simulation ModelADSYAdministrative Equipment SystemsADTNAdministrative Data Transmission NetworkADTN2000Administrative Data Transmission Network 2000ADVOAdministrative VoiceAEAEastern RegionAEDAircraft Evaluation DivisionAEDAutomated External DefibrillatorAEDTAviation Environmental Design ToolAEEFAA Office of Environment and EnergyAEECAirlines Electronic Engineering CommitteeAEPFAA Office of Aviation Policy Planning and EnvironmentAERAAutomated En-Route Air Traffic ControlAEXAutomated ExecutionAFAir ForceAFAirway FacilitiesAFBAir Force BaseAFDSSAir Fix Data Sub SetAFERAircraft Fuel Expense Reconciliation SystemAFISAutomated Flight Inspection SystemAFMSAutomatic Flight Management SystemAFMTAirway Facilities Management TeamAFOAirport Field OfficeAFPAirspace Flow ProgramAFPArea Flight PlanAFRESAir Force Reserve StationAFSAirways Facilities SectorAFSFlight Standards ServiceAFSFOAFS Field OfficeAFSFUAFS Field UnitAFSOUAFS Field Office Unit (Standard is AFSFOU)AFSSAutomated Flight Service StationAFTILAirway Facilities Tower Integration LaboratoryAFTNAutomated Fixed Telecommunications NetworkAFZResource ManagementAGCFAA Office of the Chief CounselAGHMEAircraft Geometric Height Measurement ElementAGIFAA Office of Government and Industry AffairsAGLAbove Ground LevelAGLAlliance Great Lakes RegionAHRFAA Office of Human ResourcesAICSAircraft Inventory and Charter SystemAIDAirport Information DeskAITInformation Technology ServiceAIFSSAutomated International Flight ServiceAIGAirbus Industries GroupAILSAutomatic Instrument Landing SystemAIMAeronautical Information ManualAIMAirman's Information ManualAIPAeronautical Information PublicationAIPAirport Improvement PlanAIPAirport Improvement ProgramAIPAAeronautical Information Production ApplicationAIRAircraft Certification ServiceAIRMETAirmen's Meteorological InformationAIRNAVAirports and Navigation Aids Database SystemAIRNETAirport Network Simulation ModelAIRPACAdvisor for the Intelligent Resolution of Predicted AircraftAISAeronautical Information ServiceAISAeronautical Information SystemAISFAA Office of Information Systems SecurityAISAeronautical Information SystemAITAutomated Information TransferAITSAutomated Inventory Tracking SystemAJAAcquisition & Business Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJCCommunications Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJEEn Route & Oceanic Service, Air Traffic OrganizationAJFFinance Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJOChief Operating Officer, Air Traffic OrganizationAJPOperations Planning Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJRSystem Operations Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJSSafety Services, Air Traffic OrganizationAJTTerminal Service, Air Traffic OrganizationAJWTechnical Operation Services, Air Traffic OrganizationALOAviation Logistics OrganizationALPAirport Layout PlanALPAAirlines Pilots AssociationALSApproach Lighting SystemALSFApproach Lighting System With Sequenced Flashing LightsALSF1ALS with Sequenced Flashers IALSF2ALS with Sequenced Flashers IIALSIPApproach Lighting System Improvement PlanALTRVAltitude ReservationAMASSAirport Movement Area Safety SystemAMCMike Monroney Aeronautical CenterAMCCACF/ARTCC Maintenance Control CenterAMCCAir Route Traffic Control Center Maintenance Control CenterAMICArea Manager in ChargeAMISAircraft Management Information SystemAMOCAlternative Methods of ComplianceAMOSAutomated Meteorological Observation StationAMPARINC Message Processor (OR) Airport Master PlanAMSAcquisition Management SystemAMTAviation Maintenance TechnicianAMVERAutomated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue SystemANCAlternate Network ConnectivityANCAAirport Noise and Capacity ActANDAssociate Administrator for NAS DevelopmentANENew England RegionANGAir National GuardANGBAir National Guard BaseANMNorthwest Mountain RegionANMSAutomated Network Monitoring SystemANSNAS Transition and Integration DirectorateANSNAS Transitions and ImplementationANSIAmerican National Standards InstituteANSPAir Navigation Service ProvidersAOAuthorizing OfficialAOAAir Operations AreaAOAFAA Office of the AdministratorAOASAdvanced Oceanic Automation SystemAOCAirline Operational Control CenterAOCFAA Office of CommunicationsAOCCAtlantic Operations Control CenterAODRAuthorizing Official Designated RepresentativeAOPNAS OperationsAOPAAircraft Owners and Pilots AssociationAOSOperational Support ServiceAOVAir Traffic Safety Oversight ServiceAPAcquisition PlanAPBAcquisition Program BaselinesAPGAirport Planning GuidanceAPGAgency Priority GoalsAPIOffice of Policy and International AffairsAPLPolicy, International Affairs and EnvironmentAPMApproach Path MonitorAPOOffice of Aviation Policy and PlansAPPApproachAPPAgency Performance PlanAPRAgency Performance ReportAPSAirport Planning StandardAPTSAutomated Personnel Tracking SystemAPTSAVN (Aviation Systems Standards) Process Tracking SystemAQAFOAeronautical Quality Assurance Field OfficeAQSFAA Office of Quality, Integration and Executive ServicesARAResearch and AcquisitionARANational Engagement and Regional AdministrationARACArmy Radar Approach Control (AAF)ARACAviation Rulemaking Advisory CommitteeARCAdministrator's Review CommitteeARCAirlines Reporting CorporationARCAviation Review CommitteeARCFAA Office of Regions and Center OperationsARCTRFAA Aeronautical Center or AcademyAREAAutomated En Route Air Traffic ControlARFAirport Reservation FunctionARFFAircraft Rescue and Fire FightingARINCAeronautical Radio IncorporatedARINCAeronautical Radio, Inc.ARLNOAirline OfficeARMFAA Office of RulemakingAROAirport Reservation OfficeARPAirport Reference PointARPFAA Airports OrganizationARPFAA Office of AirportsARSAir Traffic Requirements ServiceARSAirport Surveillance RadarARSAutomated Reproduction SystemARSAAirport Service Radar AreaARSRAir Route Surveillance RadarARSRLong Range Surveillance RadarARTCCAir Route Traffic Control CenterARTSAutomated Radar Terminal SystemASAPAviation Safety Action ProgramASASAviation Safety Analysis SystemASCAUTODIN Switching CenterASCPAviation System Capacity PlanASDAircraft Situation DisplayASDAAccelerate Stop Distance AvailableASDEArea Surveillance Detection Equipment - (Radar)ASDE-XAirport Surface Detection EquipmentASHFAA Office of Security & Hazardous MaterialsASIAviation Safety InspectorASIASAviation Safety Information Analysis and SharingASLARAircraft Surge Launch And RecoveryASMAvailable Seat MileASOSouthern RegionASOSAutomated Surface Observing SystemASOSAutomated Surface Observing SystemsASPArrival Sequencing ProgramASPMAviation System Performance MetricsASPMAviation System Performance MetricsASQPAirline Service Quality PerformanceASRAirport Surveillance RadarASRAirways Facilities Spectrum Policy and ManagementASRAlkali Silica ReactivityASRTerminal Surveillance RadarASR-WSPAirport Surveillance Radar-Weather System ProcessorASTFAA Office of Commercial Space TransportationASTAAirport Surface Traffic AutomationASVAirline Schedule VendorASWSouthwest RegionASYNCAsynchronous ConcentratorATAir TrafficAT&TAmerican Telephone and TelegraphAT&TASDC AT&T Agency Service Delivery CenterAT&TCSA AT&T Customer Support AssociateATAAir Transport Association of AmericaATAAirline Transport AssociationATASAirspace and Traffic Advisory ServiceATCAir Traffic ControlATCAAir Traffic Control AssociationATCAAAir Traffic Control Assigned AirspaceATCAAATC Assigned AirspaceATCBIMaintenance of Air Traffic Control Beacon IndicatorATCCCAir Traffic Control Command CenterATCOAir Taxi Commercial OperatorATCOTSAir Traffic Control Optimum Training SolutionsATCRBAir Traffic Control Radar BeaconATCRBSAir Traffic Control Radar Beacon SystemATCSAir Traffic Control SpecialistATCSCCAir Traffic Control Systems Command CenterATCTAirport Traffic Control TowerATIDSAirport Surface Target Identification SystemATISAutomated Terminal Information ServiceATISAutomatic Terminal Information ServiceATISAutomatic Terminal Information ServiceATISRATIS RecorderATMAir Traffic ManagementATMAir Traffic ManagerATMAsynchronous Transfer ModeATMACAir Traffic Management Advisory CommitteeATMSAdvanced Traffic Management SystemATMSAutomated Training Management SystemATNAeronautical Telecommunications NetworkATOAir Traffic OrganizationATODNAUTODIN Terminal (FUS)ATOMSAir Traffic Operations Management SystemATOPAdvanced Technologies and Oceanic ProceduresATOSAir Transportation Oversight SystemATOVNAUOTVON (Facility)ATRAir Traffic RequirementsATREPAir Traffic RepresentativeATSAir Traffic ServicesATSAPAir Traffic Safety Action ProgramATSCCPATS Contingency Command PostATSIAir Traffic Safety InspectorATSSAirway Transportation Systems SpecialistATTISAT&T Information SystemsAUTODINDoD Automatic Digital NetworkAUTOVONDoD Automatic Voice NetworkAVNAviation Standards National Field Office, Oklahoma CityAVNAviation System StandardsAVONAUTOVON ServiceAVPOffice of Accident Investigation and PreventionAVSFAA Office of Aviation SafetyAVSIAerospace Vehicle Systems InstituteAWISAirport Weather InformationAWOSAutomated Weather Observing SystemAWPAviation Weather ProcessorAWPWestern Pacific RegionAWPGAviation Weather Products GeneratorAWSAir Weather StationAWSSAutomated Weather Sensors SystemAWTTAviation Weather Technology TransferAXXOne of the 9 Regional Offices


Xxn Abbreviation List 2017 Pdf Download (2024)


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