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Location World Map
Sub-Areas Cave (2x)
NPC's Gesmerha
Merchants Incubus Trader
Quests The Final Sunset of Winter
The Price of Knowledge
Unsounded Alarm
Vengeance of Sarkoris
Deep-Rooted Derangement
The Buried Druid

Wintersunis a Locationin Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.Wintersun can be found at World Map. A small village that somehow survived the demon invasion. It is surprisingly silent and peaceful, as though it lies in some remote rustic setting far from the front lines and not in the middle of the Worldwound, surrounded by monsters.

Wintersun Information

  • The mad half-elf woman on top of the hill is actually the missing leader of the Flaming Lance order (quest: The Price of Knowledge). Youcan't learn this information until you meet the Flaming Lance Delegate in an event in the Drezen command room. You can trigger this event by waiting a few weeksor by completing the Ivory Sanctum(which begins the countdown to the end of Act 3 and triggers the events for any time-sensitive quests).
  • North of the mad half-elf is an ancient treant. You need to use fire damage to stop its regeneration and kill it.
  • Complete the quest The Final Sunset of Winterhere to receive the key to the Ivory Sanctum.
  • Morveg can be found in the cave to the east.Help him explore the shrine of Gorum (quest: Vengeance of Sarkoris).
  • Also to the east is the skeleton of an old Sarkorian druid. If you take the Brazen Whip from this skeleton, seven challenging spectres will appear and attack you when you approach different locations on the map. You can return the whip to the skeleton to pacify the spectres, or kill them all for a very large amount of XP. See quest The Buried Druid for all spectre locations.
  • To the northwestis a cave with plagued animals and a dwarven shaman(quest:Deep-Rooted Derangement).

Wintersun Vendor

After you defeat Marhevok and speak with Jerribeth, she will offer you a choice. This choice unlocks one of two possible vendors in Wintersun:

  • If you agree to let Jerribeth keep the town "at peace" or pick the Evil dialogue option, an incubus vendor appears in town. Notable items he sells include: Burning Torment,Noxious Stalker.Mother's Call, andPrecious Treat.
  • Ifyou helpedGesmerha and she survived, even when siding with Jerribeth she will give you Ward Master's Amulet as a reward and she herself will become a vendor. Notable items she sells include: The Debilitator, Fatal Beacon, Pure Savagery, Hide Armor of Elemental Carnage, and Perfected Maneuver.

The Heart of Stone

Wintersun contains 9 standing stones. Visit and pass a Knowledge (World) check at each stone to reveal asecret loot cache called the Heart of Stone. If even one Knowledge check fails, the cache will be unavailable. You will not be able to try again, so save scum if you must. The stones can be completed in any order.

Looting the Heart of Stone, which appears as a large stone slab, yields a Ricocheting Heavy Crossbow, Back Rank Assistance,and theRune-covered Ancient Leather Scrap(which the Storyteller can later restore to create the very strong boots Ronneck's Sacrifice).

Standing Stone and Heart of Stone locations:

Heart of Stone location:
Wintersun | Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Wiki (3)

NPCs at Wintersun

  • Gesmerha

Quests related to Wintersun

  • The Final Sunset of Winter
  • The Price of Knowledge
  • Unsounded Alarm
  • Vengeance of Sarkoris
  • Deep-Rooted Derangement
  • The Buried Druid

Wintersun Map

Wintersun | Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Wiki (4)

Wintersun Notes & Tips

  • On the west side of the map, on a cliffside bluff near Chief Marhevok's hall, you will find the rapier Reeking Heart of Arcane.
  • Other notes...

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Wintersun | Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Wiki (2024)


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