The Final Sunset of Winter (2024)

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The Final Sunset of Winter
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The Fifth Crusade


Act 3




Chapter quest

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The Final Sunset of Winter is a quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


  • 1 Journal
  • 2 Walkthrough
    • 2.1 Find the missing crusaders
    • 2.2 Explore the mysterious village
    • 2.3 Deal with the rulers of Wintersun
    • 2.4 Tell Irabeth what happened
  • 3 Aftermath
    • 3.1 Act 5

Journal[ | ]

When a civilization dies, its settlements slowly turn to ruin, like broken bones turning white in the sun, a skeleton now bereft of any kind of life. This is what happened to Sarkoris, whose numerous settlements are now abandoned and forgotten places where long-dead people once lived.
However, something strange is occurring on Drezen's southern road. A crusader patrol has vanished where the settlements of old Sarkoris once stood. What is happening in these lands? The Commander must get to the bottom of it.
Find the missing crusaders+240xp01_DiscoverScoutsFate (92d24fa6038af39478cfaad81df0213e)
A patrol from Drezen has disappeared without a trace. What happened to the soldiers: were they killed? Were they kidnapped? Were they deserters? They went missing on the southern road away from the city. It is only sensible to begin the search there.
Explore the mysterious village+240xp02_ScoutsDead (5b2759b33827c3547b8605f9e8cbf293)
The soldiers from the patrol troop are dead. Their bodies were discovered in a valley south of Drezen, in some kind of shrine. By all accounts it looks like the soldiers were killed as a sacrifice. There seems to be a settlement nearby. Answers — and the killers — may be found there.
  • The strange settlement is called Wintersun. The guards say that it is protected from demons by some powerful sorceress known as of the Lady of the Sun.
    Add_WintersunStrange (2704cf9f08344a14d886d8bfed79b5d1)
  • An unknown creature spoke with the Commander via the mouth of a wooden idol and invited the party into the village.
    Add_JerribethInvites (83fbe34a348c43441a68951914b217b6)
  • Gesmerha, a blind woodcarver, told the Commander about the strange visitors that often come to Wintersun, and she advised the Commander to seek answers from the chief, Marhevok.
    Add_WoodCarverAdvice (4d8499af346105646b3e68904dcbbda3)
Deal with the rulers of Wintersun+240xp03_WintersunEnd (480f1ffabb3a59447bb256afb8bcc8ae)
Marhevok wishes to do away with the Commander, and afterward promises to give Drezen to its "rightful masters." He and his Lady of the Sun must answer for all that has happened.
Tell Irabeth what happened+800xp04_TellIrabethWintersun (b00867d778bb2e449b86f42db05095bd)
Irabeth deserves to know what happened and the fate of her patrol.
-NoexpWintersun_HiddenFail (ec1d3a81917c15a49bd8ea16acbcde45)
Wintersun's fate is sealed. The last remnant of old Sarkoris must face an unsettling future.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • The quest begins at the start of Act 3.

Find the missing crusaders[ | ]

  • Enter Wintersun and reach impaled crusader bodies by the statue.

Explore the mysterious village[ | ]

  • The village can be found at the south part of the location.
  • You can tell anything to the guards, even (Evil) choice to attack, there will be no combat either way.
  • Deeper in the village you will meet Balor Darrazand who will be shunned away by Marhevok.
  • Further into the village you will be greeted by Gesmerha who could give you the quest Unsounded Alarm.

Deal with the rulers of Wintersun[ | ]

  • Enter Clan Hall and approach Marhevok, all dialogue options will lead to combat, but there are specifics:
    1. "Stop. You're busy inflicting violence on the weak and powerless while someone has destroyed your rune stones and replaced them with fakes!"
      • Two Sarkorian Rangers will be gone. Must have completed Unsounded Alarm.
    2. Sarenrae line will buff your party with Sarenrae's Blessing for 1 hour.
    3. (Good/Lawful) or [Attack] will lead to regular combat.
    4. (Chaotic) Mythic Demon - (TBD) Battle 2v2?
    5. (Evil) will cause Gesmerha to die.
  • After the fight go to the Secret Passage where you will meet Jerribeth.
    • You will get Bone Key which is needed for Know Thy Enemy quest to reveal Ivory Sanctum.
    • If Arueshalae is in the party and romanced you will unlock a camping encounter for her.
  • You have to decide the fate of Wintersun village:
    • As Mythic Demon (Lawful/None) to keep the illusion going, (Evil) to remove the illusion.
    • For everyone else it's (Evil/None) to keep the illusion going, (Lawful/None) to remove the illusion.
    • There is also a Mythic Aeon special way to remove illusion.
  • Next you decide on the fate of Marhevok:
    • If you made Mythic Aeon choice to remove the illusion, then you can also make another Aeon (Lawful) choice to make Marhevok stay in the village.
    • Otherwise you can either kill Marhevok or let Jerribeth take him.
  • Those decision will affect the fate of Wintersun and your interactions with Jerribeth in Ivory Sanctum.

Tell Irabeth what happened[ | ]

  • Go back to Drezen and report to Irabeth.

Aftermath[ | ]

  • If Gesmerha is alive you will be able to trade with her. If you raised her trust to 3 you will also get:
    • Ward Master's Amulet
    • Army of Barbarians x25 one week later if the illusion had been removed. Must return to Wintersun and ask her about it.
  • If you have kept the illusion going you will unlock Rekshenzi the Incubus trader.
  • Wilcer Garms will give you a bonus of choice: 5000The Final Sunset of Winter (1), Crusade Morale +15, or 1000 Finances.

Act 5[ | ]

  • 15 days after regaining control of Drezen you will be visited by Marhevok, Gesmerha or Anevia depending on your prior choices.
  • Both Marhevok and Gesmerha can be eaten by Mythic Swarm with (Evil) choice, you gain 14c7d76c281f40e7b7d71fea158f1023 or 49114237a7b04975af2ddb3611be38f2 feature accordingly and forfeit any other possible rewards.
  • You will get an army of Bloodragers x2 and Barbarians x50 from Marhevok or Gesmerha if you have the following conditions met:
    1. Marhevok kept leader by Mythic Aeon and Soana is left alive as a part of Deep-Rooted Derangement quest.
    2. Gesmerha is alive and kept Jerribeth's illusion going.

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The Final Sunset of Winter (2024)


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