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  • Inmate Mail Information
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  • Jail Inspection Reports
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Inmate Account and Bond Payment Information Return to top

Depositing Funds into Inmate's Account:

Only money orders or government checks will be accepted for deposit to an inmate's accounts and these will be accepted by MAIL ONLY. Personal checks will not be accepted for deposit to an inmate's account.

You can find other ways to put money into an inmate’s account here.

Instructions for paying a bond:

Bonds may be paid by cash, credit card, or Cashier’s Check.

Bonds paid by cash or credit card may be paid seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day, at the Champaign County Jail at 502 South Lierman Ave, Urbana, IL.

Only the exact amount for bail is accepted. Prior to the paying of a bond, you are encouraged to call (217) 384-1243 or (217) 384-1240 to confirm the amount needed for the bond. The individual paying the bond must have a government issued identification.

There is a service fee for using credit card and the accepted credit cards are:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Diner's Club

Credit card payments can be made in person at the Satellite Jail, 502 South Lierman, Urbana, IL 61802 or online at

If paying with a Cashier’s Check, the check should be made out to the Champaign County Circuit Clerk. To help reduce fraudulent activity, all Cashier’s Checks are subject to verification through the issuing bank by corrections staff. Because of this, you are encouraged to bring a Cashier’s Check only during your bank’s operating hours.

The total bond amount can be split between a Cashier’s Check and cash but cannot be split with a credit card. The entire bond amount must be put on the credit card if that is how any of the bond amount is being paid.

Inmate Mail Information Return to top

Address all mail to residents in the following manner:

Champaign County Jail
Prisoner's Name
204 E. Main St.
Urbana IL 61801

The following are unacceptable items for mail delivery:

  • Unused postage stamps / envelopes
  • Self - addressed / stamped envelopes
  • Unused stationary / greeting cards
  • Nude, semi - nude, or unauthorized pictures
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Excessive amount of pictures
  • Stickers / address label stickers
  • Cardboard, laminated, audio or plastic covered cards
  • Cash or checks
  • Perfumed stationary, inappropriate substance in / on mail
  • Unapproved inmate to inmate mail
  • Pens / pencils / markers
  • Drivers license/ ID cards
  • Gang related correspondence, gang symbols / signs
  • Local newspaper articles
  • Books / magazines not directly sent from a publisher
  • Dried flowers / weeds
  • Glued / taped items
  • Staples
  • Racist materials
  • Phone cards / credit cards

The above list is NOT all-inclusive. If you are unsure, please call (217)384-1243 or (217) 384-1240.

Inmate Visitation Information Return to top

Sheriff Dustin D. Heuerman and the staff at the Champaign County Corrections Division understand how important it is for persons confined at the facility to maintain contact with family and friends during their stay. Most Inmates are allowed two twenty minutes visits each week.

Champaign County Sheriff's Office Video Visitation Rules

Please read all of the rules completely prior to moving forward. Not knowing the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for not following them. Disobeying any rule may result in you being banned from visiting detainees or criminal charges being pursued when applicable.


Video visitation will be held 7 days a week.

Daily: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM /1:00 PM - 3:00 PM /5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Each inmate is allowed one 20 minute visit per day.
  • A Supervisor can deny, change or cancel a visit at any time at their discretion.
  • The visitation schedule may be cancelled or altered on county appointed holidays or for safety / security reasons.
  • All visits are subject to monitoring and recording.


  • Any inappropriate activity that will jeopardize the good order, safety and security of the Champaign County Correctional Center will result in termination of your session.
  • Visits must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the appointment. Visits are able to be scheduled up to 7 days in advance. Walk-in video visits will be accepted provided there are available time slots and open video visitation booths.
  • Before scheduling a visit you must first register as a visitor on the Securus website. You can do this from home at This is an offsite link or you can use the registration station that is located in the Satellite Jail lobby.
  • The adult registering for the visit must be the adult attending the visit.
  • Three-way calling is prohibited.
  • Appropriate dress is required at all times:
    • No nudity
    • Skin tight / Form fitting clothes are not allowed.
    • No Cleavage showing, no bellies or bottoms showing, no provocative clothing.
    • Any clothing or other items displaying gang-related symbols, themes or colors are prohibited.
    • All visitors must wear undergarments at all times.
    • No hats are allowed.
    • No see through clothing allowed.


If you use the visitor booths at the Champaign County Jail for on-site visitation, it is free of charge.

Friends and Family video visitation booths are provided at the satellite jail and no more than 1 adult and 1 child will be allowed in the booth at one time. From these booths you can visit inmates who are housed at either the satellite or downtown jail. Do not engage in activity that disturbs the other visits in progress.

  • All visitors older than 14 y/o coming to the Satellite Jail must possess a valid government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, Student ID, State ID card, or Military Issued ID.
  • Children (14 y/o or younger) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Visitors and inmates must remain seated at all times during the visitation session. Small children, five (5) years old and younger, must remain on the visitors lap at all times.


Remote inmate visitation is offered as a convenience.

  • Remote visits from your home will cost $15.00 and to do so you will need to have at least $15.00 in your Securus prepaid account. If you need to set up an account or add funds, please go to This is an offsite link or call 866-558-2323.
  • The visit charge will be applied to your prepaid account as soon as your visit is scheduled.
  • If your visit is cancelled by the facility for a rule violation, your money will not be refunded.
  • Remote visitors should test their connection prior to scheduling a visit. Please go to This is an offsite link for instructions.
  • If you do not show for a remote visit no refund will be issued.
  • Remote visitors should connect 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit to check in.
  • If you attempt to connect after the scheduled visit start time you will not be able to visit.
  • Persons named in an order of protection or no contact order cannot visit the inmate listed on the order of protection.
  • Please be advised if an inmate is in ANY program (at court, on trustee assignments, GED, church, attorney visits, etc.), they are NOT eligible to receive the visit at that time. Please schedule your visits around the inmate's program schedule.

After your visit has ended your connection will be terminated.


Visitors involved in the following will be removed from the visitation area and may be placed on permanent visiting restrictions:

  • Visitors that create a disturbance or disruption of the visiting process.
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Visitors that refuse to show sufficient identification.
  • Visitors who repeatedly violate the above listed rules.

Jail Inspection Reports Return to top

  • 2021 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2020 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2019 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2018 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2017 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2016 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2015 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2014 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2013 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2012 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2011 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2010 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2009 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2008 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2007 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2006 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report
  • 2005 IDOC Consolidated Inspection Report

Electronic Home Detention (EHD) Return to top

Interview Procedures

If you work bring the following on company letterhead:

  • -The days you work (Mon, Tue, etc..)
  • -The hours per day you work (8 am -4 pm ECT).
  • -The total hours per week.
  • -The amount you are paid per hour.
  • -Include a contact person with return phone numbers, cell numbers.

If school is involved the following is needed:

  • -If you attend college, you will need verified proof of enrollment from the institution, including proof that your financial obligations are in good standing.
  • -The days of the week you attend class and the hours of your classes.
  • -If you have children in grades K-8, you will need the same information from their school only if you plan to be allowed to pick them up or drop them off.

Get from your lawyer:

  • -The case number you are going to be sentenced on.
  • -How many days you are going to do in custody.

You must have a landline or cell phone in order to be considered for EHD.

-You must have all pages of the Electronic Home Detention (EHD) Packet filled out completely before your interview. Every line that applies to you must be answered and filled out, no exceptions.


Click here for the Electronic Home Detention (EHD) Packet

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