Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Fifth Crusade Walkthrough (2024)

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Attack out of Nowhere Walkthrough

You can askAveniato send scouts, or simply askNurah(if you let her live) in the prison for where the demons come from.

Travel to Molten Scar and defeat the demons there. (If you pass bluff or intimidation, you can trick the Vrock sorcerer to leave.)

Seelah’s friend Jannah can be rescued here.If you haveLannin your team, he will propose to transferred the victim here to mongrel tribe for care.

Decide what to do with the survivors, then report toIrabeth.

Battered Spirit Walkthrough

Enter Drezen’s Citadel and talk to Irabeth.Help her restore the confidence in the crusade.

Deep-Rooted Derangement Walkthrough

You will find a giant plague bear inWintersun, after the cut scene push forward to the northwest part of the map, there you can find a cave.

Inside the cave, you can find a letter indicate the the identity of the shaman lived here.

Find the shaman and confront her, after that, you can leave the cave. The plague bear will then appear and fight you.

After you defeat the plague bear, you can pass a perception check to find out its actually controlled by the shaman.

Back to the cave and confront the shaman again, then decide how to solve the situation.

Demon’s Heresy Walkthrough

Travel to Greengates and agree to help Arueshalae. (The location can be discovered when you approachMolten Scar)

Arueshalae needs you to defeat Jaruunicka, which can be found on the upper left corner of the map. You can go directly to her, or you can find the Bell of Mercy first, in the ruined building on the upper right corner. To ring the Bell of Mercy you will need the clapper.

The clapper for the bell is in a hidden pile (DC20). The location of the pile is after the first encounter with a Vrock, Babau and Kalavakus – take a left then right from the encounter room – the pile is in a dead end in the corridor. Do not go up the stairs or into the room with the x2 Gibrileths, Retriver and Glabrezu.

You can recruit Arueshalae after defeating Jaruunicka.

Know thy Enemy Walkthrough

  • You get the quest right after you have retake the Drezen. However, you need to learn the location of the Ivory Sanctum from questDemon’s Heresy. And acquired the key from questThe Final Sunset of Winter.
  • Travel toIvory Sanctum, interact witha pile of bones to reveal the entrance to the maze.
  • Defeat the enemies and open the first door by standing on two plates on the left and right. The demonessJerribeth will then appear and offer you a deal – work with her to get rid ofXanthir Vang. If you agreed, then her followers will not attack you in this location. (You can still attack her after you defeat Xanthir)
  • Keep exploring the sanctum, be careful about the rock traps, they can instantly kill your characters.
  • Thebutton puzzle in the main hall can be solved in follower order: triangle, hexagon, pentagon, square. Solving the puzzle grants you a hidden chest with a Mask for quest More than Nothing and a cloak.
  • In the upper part of the maze, there’s a room with 2 locked doors. One of the door can only be opened after you defeat Xanthir, the other one can be opened with a combination. A note with a code is lying in the corner. There are five buttons on the wall in another corner. Click on them in the following order: square, triangle, circle, hexagon will reveal a hidden chest. Press the button in this order: triangle, pentagon, square, circle will unlock the door.
  • This door leads to Jerribeth’s chamber, if you turned down her offer, you now need to fight her. Jerribeth tends to use mind-affecting spells on your team, so be prepared.
  • Xanthir’s lab can be found on the east side of the map, defeat his demons and followers, you can unlock the door by letting two characters stand on thepressure plates. And the rest pressing the three buttons on the walls.
  • You will later meet some golems guarding the dragon eggs, if you managed to stop the golems, you can later send the eggs to Drezen.
  • Continue exploring the maze. TIn the south part of it,there are also three dead-end corridors with bowls that you can interact with. Do this and kill ever guard.
  • In one of the rooms with multiple chests, there’s a puzzle, (note can be found in one of the chests) Here’s a solution for you:
    • Circle
    • pentagon
    • hexagon
    • triangle.
  • After you cleared the maze, use the door on the Southeast side of the maze and head out. You will be welcomed by a large group of demons, but some angles will also appear and help you.
  • Defeat Xanthir in his lab, if you answered his question correctly (his lab was in Drezen, due to rich crystal there. ) he will reveal more info about himself, as well as the portal beneath drezen. Loot his body and find the note, (you can unlock mythic pathThe Swarm that Walks), take his key, and return to Jerribeth.
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Missing Scouts Walkthrough

The scouts can be found in theOld Sarkorian Mines, amajor map location to the southwest ofIvory Sanctumand west ofTerendelev’s Lair

Captain Seilkind can be found in Drezen at the barracks, next to the door to the barracks interior

On the Cusp of the Abyss Walkthrough

Thequest is activated at the end of the “Know Thy Enemy” quest. Return to Drezen and speak with the Hand.You then need to find a way to break the demonic seal.

You need to finish the 4th mythic level quests (different depends on the path you chose. For trickster, the quest isThe Fool King.) and travel toAreelu’s Lab(located below Legacy of the Ancients on worldmap. Southwest to the Ivory Sanctum). In side Areelu’s lab, you will find Areelu’s Lexicon of Paradox, which would be enough to remove the seal.

In the Midnight Fane, you will need to find three keys to unlock the door to centre hall. The baphomet key can be found at western hall, on a cultist near baphomet statue. The Deskari key is on another cultist at eastern hall, near Deskari statue. TheNocticula key is on a demoness in Abyss,however if you passed the will check you can get the Nocticula key without fight.

The real Yaniel can be found in Minago’s torture chambers. If you chose to free her, she will empower the longsword Radiance (the one you found in ACT 1).

Near the singel Deskari statue there is a hidden portal leads to a secret Desna alter. (Perception and Knowledge: Arcane checks required.)

You need to go back to your entering point once you heared your allies’ horn, otherwise Queen Galfrey will accuse you later.

Once you have all three keys, head towards the centre hall and defeat the enemies there. Queen Galfrey will relieve your duty as crusade leader, instead she tasks you to enter abyss and destroy the source of Nahyndrian crystals.

Seek and Ye shall find Walkthrough

Travel toTemple of the Good Hunt, if you passed the perception check, you will notice that there’s a secret entrance in main hall and the local cleric is hiding something.

If you get the key by force or diplomatic approach, you can explore the basem*nt of the temple and found the Baphomet cultists activities. If you are a Lich, you can raise the priestessDelamereas an undead companion.

After you have complete the quest atIvory Sanctum, return to Temple of the Good Hunt to defeat Zanedra and her followers.

The Dragon Hunt Walkthrough

After you take Drezen, go to the tavern in the upper right corner of Drezen and find the dwarfGreybor. The same one you met in the Estrod tower. Hire him to hunt the dragon. You have to pay him 2500 gold. He will appear among yourCompanions.

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Travel west withGreybor. On the way toGrimwood, you will be attacked by a dragon. Defeat her. Get toGrimwood, talk toGreyborandambush the dragon.

She will flee, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Leave the location. On the right, underDrezen, a location will appear, which is called the Blood Trail.

Once you reach there, you need to pass a few checks to realize that the dragon has gone south. Note that if you fail the first two checks there won’t be major consequences, but failing the third one, (Athletics31), will spawn the party in front of the dragon, making it an easy target for her fire.Go down from blood trail toArtisan’s Tower.

You need to pass several more checks before you finally reach the tower, you can letGreybordo them for you.

The dragon can be found with theStoryteller, if you stay there long enough you can hear theStorytellertelling the stories of Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Ambush the dragon, do not let her flee. She will fly to the second-floor. Focus your whole party on her to prevent her fleeing. If she manages to escape, she will burn the Storyteller’s books and theQuestwillfail.

You can find some scrolls in the tower, and someMandragorabelow the ruin’s basem*nt. Important loot includesBracers of Abrupt Onslaughtand aHalf of the Pair Amulet. To progress the quest, you need to find the Elven Notes

You can recruitGreyborpermanently as a party member. To do so, you have to pay him 12500 Gold coins.

Head to Drezen’s Citadel and meet up with theStoryteller. Hand theElven Notesto him to learn more about his past. If you haveTerendelev’s Clawyou can give it to him, leading him to revealTerendelev’s Lair,an important place if you want to unlock theDragon Mythic Path.

The Dragon’s Fate Walkthrough

You can find some scales ofTerendelevafter you have fallen to the underground of Market Square, duringDay of the City.

The claw ofTerendelevcan be found atLeper’s Smile(in the cave).

After you turn the claw and scales toStoryteller(he can be saved in the questThe Dragon Hunt), the location ofTerendelev’s Lairwill be revealed.

Travel to that location, after you defeat the enemies, spare the survivor. Then the golden dragon will reveal his true form, thus unlock theGold DragonMythic Path.

The Final Sunset of Winter Walkthrough

The quest is available after you take the Drezen.

Travel toWintersun, there are multiple quests in this region. However, the clue about the missing crusaders can be found in the village in the southwest.

Strange things are happening here: thevillagers of this settlement do not see that demons are walking among them.

In front of the chief’s house, talk to the blind sculptor and ask her about what happened. You then need to search the village for the broken rune stones. (QuestUnsounded Alarm)

When you are ready, go confront the chief. If you have complete the questUnsounded Alarm, you can point out the runestones were broken, and reduce the number of enemies.

Defeat the demons and chase the chief, when you found Jerribeth, you can decide how to solve the situation.

You can force Jerribeth to remove the charm, or break it by yourself (if you are Aeon).You can also decide the fate of the chief, if you let him go with Jerribeth. You will later meet him again in the Ivory Sanctum, in an very unpleasant form.

Get theBone Key (needed for Know Thy Enemy) and report to the sculptor, she will also have some new gears.

The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind Walkthrough

  • This location is located in thewest region of the worldwound. (Northwest toIvory Sanctum)
  • The guardians here use tesla coil as defence. Use protection from lightning spell to protect your team. (can be disabled with trickery.)
  • The correct combination to open the front gate isTriangle, Rhombus, Circle with dot.
  • In westmost hall, you can find a key that unlock most doors in this location. The other locked doors require flaming lockpick fuel to open, however, you can usedimensional door spell to by pass them.
  • Keep exploring the location carefully, there’s one room you need to use the control panel to remove the hazard substance (hand, then wind.) to enter.
  • The final boss Hundred-Face is at the northwest corner of the location. To reach him, you need to send one of your team members across the bridge and disable the arcane emitter first.
  • DIsable the four crystal devices near the Hundred-face to defeat him. If you keep the machine, you will get a special crusade project later, to transform your troops to cyborg.
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The Price of Knowledge Walkthrough

Learn the identity of the mad half-elf woman
When they hear the word “scientist,” most people picture someone respectable, well-heeled, working in a fully equipped laboratory. But a true scientist may be like this woman — barefoot, with unkempt, prematurely graying hair, pacing around the object of her research day and night, completely oblivious to the withering of her body and mind. Who is she? And what mystery is she attempting to solve?

Learn the fate of Miammir the Scholar
Many knights of the Order of the Flaming Lance call themselves scientists and researchers. In fact, their interest in mysticism is practical rather than theoretical. Most of them yearn for knowledge only in order to find a means to wipe out the demons. But there are happy exceptions, such as the order’s leader, Miammir the Scholar. She earned this epithet with a string of brilliant discoveries made not in the reverential silence of a laboratory, but on blood-soaked battlefields. What made her leave Kenabres? Where is she now? Is she working on a new project — or perhaps has she already turned her last page?

Ttell the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance about Miammir the Scholar’s location
What a sorry sight — and it has unfolded in a place of such harsh beauty. A brilliant mind, once capable of leading an order of scholarly knights, is now shriveled like her skin, has turned gray and disheveled like her hair, and has lost its firm grip, like her trembling, gnarled fingers. Who now would recognize Miammir the Scholar in this raving vagrant? At the very least, her fellow order members have the right to know what became of their leader.

Follow the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance to Miammir the Scholar
A brotherhood of scientists is more an ideal than a reality. Even among the knights of a crusader order, there is fertile ground for rivalry, envy, jealousy. What will the current leader of the order say when she sees her predecessor in such an unusual state? Will she weep or will she rejoice? Will she help Miammir to recover, or will she end her suffering? The Commander will not want to miss the final denouement of this story!

Decide the fate of Miammir the Scholar
The time has come to learn the truth. Why did Miammir leave Kenabres? What knowledge has she been seeking here, by this petrified tree? And most important of all — were all the hardships she has been forced to endure worth it?

Unsounded Alarm Walkthrough

Talk to Gesmerha in front of chief’s longhouse, then search for the runestones.

Climb to the chief’s house and examine the debris of the runestone in the grass on the right.Then go to the left of the chief’s house, go down a little lower and examine the fake runestone under the tree by the house on the left.

Return to Gesmerha and tell her your findings.

Vengeance of Sarkoris Walkthrough

When you explore theWintersun, you can find Ciar’s student Morveg in a cave on the right edge.

Agree to help Morveg, go deeper into the cave, and wipe out the demons.

Morveg will turn hostile once he gets the hammer, just to provide how powerful it is. Defeat him and bring hismedallion and Hammer to Ciar. (near the stage, between market and the inn.)

Weary Guardian: Sacred Lands Puzzle Solutions

You can solve the puzzle by following order:

After you pass the trial, deal with the demoness, then claim your reward. (As ver 1.0, trickster option will make this quest stuck. You can still get the reward, but the quest itself markedincompleted.)

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Fifth Crusade Walkthrough (2024)


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