Designer Bras & Bralettes at Neiman Marcus (2024)

Designer Bras & Bralettes at Neiman Marcus (1)

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WacoalBack Appeal Underwire Minimizer BraGBP 61
NatoriMinimal Convertible Push-Up BraGBP 56
Simone PereleDelice 3D Molded BraGBP 97
ChantelleBasic Invisible Memory Foam T-shirt BraGBP 67
WacoalBack Appeal Contour BraGBP 63
NatoriPure Luxe Strapless Contour Underwire BraGBP 61

For the longest time, women had to choose between two types of bras: sexy or comfortable. Now there’s a third option that combines alluring style with all-day wearability


WacoalComfort First Strapless Soft Foam T-Shirt BraGBP 63
WacoalComfort First Underwire Contour BraGBP 58
ChantelleLuci Underwire Lace Demi BraGBP 71
ChantelleSmooth Comfort Scoop-Neck BraletteGBP 61
Simone PereleEssentiel Multi-Position Strapless BraGBP 76
HanroMarilyn Lace-Trim Soft Cup BraGBP 101
Simone PereleComete Molded Full Cup Convertible Lace BraGBP 101
Kiki De MontparnasseBianca Embroidered Tulle Soft Cup BraGBP 113GBP 84
HanroCotton Sensation Soft-Cup BraGBP 93
Fashion FormsSeamless Backless Push-Up BraGBP 51
ChantelleSmooth Lines Spacer BraGBP 71GBP 53 Only 1 left
ChantelleSoft Stretch Padded Crop Top Soft BraGBP 53
Lune ActiveIndi Sports BraGBP 80
ThirdLoveClassic Uplift Plunge BraGBP 61
ChantelleSmooth Lines Seamless Wirefree BraGBP 63GBP 47
ChantelleNorah Chic Lace Plunge T-Shirt BraGBP 71
NatoriHeavenly Convertible Lace Plunge BraGBP 58
CommandoButter Comfy Wireless BraletteGBP 61Only 1 left
Hanky PankyLuxe Lace Open-Cup BraletteGBP 44
WacoalAwareness Underwire Satin BraGBP 58GBP 43
WacoalBack Appeal Wire-Free BraGBP 59
Fashion FormsLe Lusion Adhesive Plunge CupsGBP 34
NatoriFlora Contour Underwire BraGBP 61GBP 46
NatoriFeathers Contour Plunge BraGBP 61
ChantelleOrangerie Dream Plunge Lace T-Shirt BraGBP 83
Simone PereleKarma Smooth Strapless BraGBP 84
ChantelleFestivite Lace Plunge Bra, Bright PinkGBP 74
Beyond YogaSpace-dye Slim Racerback Cropped TankGBP 58
ChantelleSoft Stretch Padded Bandeau BraGBP 46
HanroCotton Sensation T-Shirt BraGBP 110
ChantelleNorah Convertible Strapless BraGBP 71
ChantelleRevele Moi Perfect Fit Underwire BraGBP 74
SkinGracelynne Supportive Plunging BraletteGBP 72
ChantelleC Jolie Memory Foam T-shirt BraGBP 69
ChantelleNorah Underwire Lace T-Shirt BraGBP 71
WacoalRed Carpet Full-Figure Strapless BraGBP 64
WacoalEmbrace Lace Contour BraGBP 58
WacoalComfort First Underwire Contour BraGBP 58GBP 34 Only 1 left
SkinGita Plunging BraletteGBP 72
ChantelleChamps Elysees Lace Demi BraGBP 97
ChantelleDay to Night Unlined Lace Demi BraGBP 83
ChantelleGraphic Allure Molded Lace BraGBP 66
HanroCotton Sensation Underwire BraGBP 101
WacoalShape Revelation Underwire Contour BraGBP 64
NatoriPure Luxe Lace-Trim Push-Up BraGBP 61
NatoriTruly Smooth Convertible Strapless BraGBP 58
NatoriSide Effect Underwire Full-Cup BraGBP 54
NatoriLush Lace-Back Front-Closure Contour BraGBP 63
NatoriUnderstated Contour BraGBP 59
NatoriRevelation Contour Underwire BraGBP 59
ThirdLoveClassic Unlined Minimizer BraGBP 64
NatoriCherry Blossom Convertible Underwire BraGBP 64
NatoriScope Sheer Striped Seamless BraGBP 48
ThirdLoveAll Day Lace T-Shirt BraGBP 64
NatoriBliss Perfection Strapless Underwire Contour BraGBP 61
ChantelleLucie Three-Part Lace BraGBP 71
ThirdLoveClassic Strapless BraGBP 61
Simone PereleSaga Non-Padded Lace Demi BraGBP 114
ChantelleNorah Lace Molded BraGBP 71
WacoalSimply Done Contour T-Shirt BraGBP 63NEW ARRIVAL
WacoalUltra Side Smoother Contour Underwire BraGBP 59
WacoalBack Appeal Polka-Dot Contour BraGBP 63
WacoalVisual Effects Strapless Minimizer BraGBP 63
HanroTouch Feeling Padded Microfiber BraletteGBP 84
SkinGelina Cotton Triangle BraletteGBP 58
WacoalElevated Allure Wireless BraGBP 59
NatoriPure Luxe Contour Underwire BraGBP 63
Lise CharmelCharming Three-Part Guipure Lace BraGBP 148
Lise CharmelPrincesse Iris Embroidered Full-Cup BraGBP 174

For the longest time, women had to choose between two types of bras: sexy or comfortable. Now there’s a third option that combines alluring style with all-day wearability


WacoalAwareness Underwire Satin BraGBP 58
Simone PereleEssentiel Multi-Position Molded BraGBP 68
Simone PereleReve Lace Plunge BraGBP 101
Simone PereleSaga Sheer Plunge BraGBP 114
TOM FORDLogo-Band Zebra-Print Signature BraletteGBP 240
NatoriVerge Convertible Underwire Plunge BraGBP 58
ChantelleC Magnifique Full-Cup Wireless BraGBP 63
ChantelleComfort Chic Embossed T-Shirt BraGBP 69
Fashion FormsVoluptuous Silicone Lift Adhesive BraGBP 46
Lise CharmelDressing Floral Demi-Cup BraGBP 145
CosabellaNever Say Never Lace BraletteGBP 68
Simone PereleReve Lace Plunge BraGBP 101GBP 61
Hanky PankySignature Lace Padded Triangle BraletteGBP 49
NatoriLiquid Convertible Push-Up Balconette BraGBP 61
ChantelleChamps Elysees Smooth Custom-Fit T-Shirt BraGBP 91
Simone PereleKarma 3D Molded Bra with Triangle LaceGBP 93
Simone PereleCaresse Strapless Plunge BraGBP 89
VersaceGreca Border Gym Sports BraGBP 315
Simone PereleKarma Demi-Cup Convertible Lace BraGBP 89
Beyond YogaSpacedye Lift Your Spirits Active BraGBP 56
ChantelleRive Gauche Underwire BraGBP 74
ChantelleC Magnifique Minimizer BraGBP 66
Kiki De MontparnasseTous Les Jours Soft Wireless Triangle BraGBP 91
ThirdLoveClassic Second Skin Unlined BraGBP 61
NatoriFlora Contour Underwire BraGBP 61
CosabellaNever Say Never Signature Lace Tube TopGBP 72
WacoalBack Appeal Underwire BraGBP 61
CosabellaEvolution Mesh-Inset Soft BraGBP 67
NatoriFeathers Strapless Plunge BraGBP 61
Lise CharmelSublime En Dentelle Lace Demi BraGBP 152
Fashion FormsGo Bare Backless Strapless BraGBP 31
WacoalContour Spacer Sports BraGBP 64
Lise CharmelFrisson d'Or Embroidered Full Cup BraGBP 174NEW ARRIVAL
CosabellaCurvy Racie Never Say Never Racerback BraletteGBP 63
Fashion FormsLift It Up Backless Strapless Plunge BraGBP 24
WacoalElevated Allure Underwire BraGBP 61
WacoalHow Perfect Soft Cup Wireless BraGBP 58
ElseKate Sheer Wavy Lace Underwire BraGBP 101GBP 61
WacoalHalo Lace Strapless BraGBP 49
Simone PereleCaresse 3D Plunge Spacer BraGBP 97
CosabellaNever Say Never Sweetie Soft BraGBP 55
WacoalHalo Molded Underwire BraGBP 49
Hanky PankyFloral-Print Lace-Trim BraletteGBP 70NEW ARRIVAL

Designer Bras

Find the right balance between style and function with Neiman Marcus’ luxurious designer bras made by the top brands across the world. The selection easily blends high-fashion with comfort to craft bras for the modern woman.

Our offering of lace bras and bralettes, among much more, come in a variety of styles and colors. Each bra offers a great fit and is designed to complement your attire.

Sports bras in perforated styles and camo-prints are perfect for athletic women. Our selection of spacer and underwire bras provide excellent coverage. Shop Neiman Marcus for the latest in designer bras.

Designer Bras & Bralettes at Neiman Marcus (2024)


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